George Zeidenstein resigns as President of the Population Council; search begins for new leader of the international, nonprofit organization. News release.

Population Council
New York, New York, Population Council, 1991 Dec 17. [2] p.

At the December 5th meeting of the Population Council, the current president, George Zeidenstein, announced to the trustees and officers of his intention to resign has post at the end of 1992. The Population Council is an international, nonprofit organization that undertakes social and health science programs and research relevant to developing countries. The Council staff has more than 300 members in 62 countries with nearly 100 MDs or PhDs. The Council staff conducts biomedical research to develop and improve contraceptive technology. The Council also give advice and technical support to governments, international agencies, and nongovernmental organizations. It produces publications, conferences, seminars, and workshops on population policy, family planning and fertility, reproductive health and child survival, roles and status of women, contraceptive development and introduction, reproductive physiology, and strengthening professional resources.

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