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Breastfeeding information resources: an international listing of sources of resource materials and organisations.

Appropriate Health Resources and Technologies Action Group [AHRTAG]
London, England, AHRTAG, [1994]. [2], 93 p. (AHRTAG Resource List)

This breast feeding resource list is divided into 2 main sections. In the first section, resource materials are arranged according to the following categories: 1) reference materials and policy documents; 2) training materials and practical resources; 3) newsletters and journals; 4) posters, flannelgraphs, and flash cards; and 5) audiovisuals, including videos, films, radio scripts, and slide sets. In each section, the resources are listed alphabetically in language groupings (most are in English). Each listing describes the content, the target audience (if available), the name of the organization or individual producing it, the price (where given), and availability. The second section lists organizations involved in supporting breast feeding. These organizations have been grouped according to the following World Health Organization (WHO) regions: Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, the Americas, Southeast Asia, and Western Pacific. International and regional organizations are listed first within each region, followed by national and local organizations which are listed by country. In addition to contact information, the purpose of the organization and its main activities are given. Appended to this document are 1) the WHO/UNICEF International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, 2) a description of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, 3) information on World Breast Feeding Week, 4) a listing of available training courses, 5) a list of the countries in each WHO region, and 6) a list of organizations grouped by WHO region.

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