Pioneers in family planning: Zahia Marzouk (1906-1988).

Huston P
POPULI. 1996 Nov; 23(2):9.

Zahia Marzouk (1906-88) founded the first family planning (FP) association in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1962. As early as 1937, Marzouk had been part of a small, unofficial group of people interested in demographic issues which organized a conference on population issues. Marzouk was the only woman who dared to give a presentation on FP, and she took advantage of the opportunity to present the reasons why FP contributes to human well-being. The FP program Marzouk eventually founded teaches women and children to value women and describes FP as a means of having sufficient resources to support a family. Family life education courses for teachers emphasize that contraception has been practiced in Egypt since ancient times, but that modern contraceptive methods are more effective. The program also promotes dialogues among husbands and wives. Marzouk attributed her successful life to her humanitarian nature.

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