Handbook of indicators for family planning program evaluation.

Bertrand JT; Magnani RJ; Rutenberg N
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carolina Population Center, Evaluation Project, 1994 Dec. 222 p. (USAID Contract No. DPE-3060-C-00-1054-00)

This handbook of indicators for family planning (FP) program evaluation was compiled with the following objectives: 1) to differential between the need for programmatic and the population-level indicators, 2) to compile the most useful indicators in a single volume, 3) to provide definitions which will enhance the consistent use of the terms, and 4) to promote the evaluation of programs by increasing familiarity with the indicators and making them easier to use. The handbook was specifically designed to benefit FP administrators and managers, the staff of international FP agencies, in-country evaluation specialists, and applied FP researchers and demographers. In addition to the above, the overview presents a list of contributors to the handbook and information on the use, organization, and conceptual framework of the handbook; the types of indicators (input, process, output, and outcome); sources of data; scoring of indicators; and anticipated update of the handbook. Chapters 2-9 present the indicators which measure the policy environment, service delivery operation, FP service outputs, demand for children, demand for FP, service utilization, contraceptive practice, and fertility impact. Chapter 10 is a discussion of future steps in the development of indicators for FP evaluation. The handbook also provides a summary list containing all of the indicators, a list of acronyms, references, and the following appendices: a listing of all indicators by primary source of data; indicators for evaluating the management functional area; indicators of quality of care in FP programs; indicators for evaluating program use of operations research; and an illustration of the calculation of unmet need.

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