A.S.A.P.: a school-based anti-violence program.

Jaffe PG; Sudermann M; Shieck E
[Unpubished] 1997. Presented at Domestic Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Costs, Programs and Policies, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, D.C., October 20-21, 1997. Co-sponsors: Institute for Civil Society, ISIS International, Inter-American Commission on Women, Pan American Health Organization [PAHO]. [2], 9 p.

This article presents an exemplary program of violence prevention by the London Family Court Clinic and Health Canada's Family Violence Prevention Division through an initiative called A.S.A.P.: A School-Based Anti-Violence Program. The program uses informative materials, such as a 277-page manual and videos, to provide every school board the tools and concepts to implement practical violence prevention at every grade level. The issues addressed: 1) violence in intimate relationships; 2) children who witness violence at home; 3) developing nonviolent school climates; 4) bullying; 5) dating violence; 6) violence in media; and 7) the relationships among violence, sexism and racism. The accompanying video was designed as a motivational tool for administrators and teachers to use in presenting the issue of violence prevention to school staffs. The video includes highlights of successful interventions, interviews with teacher, students, parents, trustees, and administrators. It also addresses the issue of resistance to violence prevention work and ways to handle potential barriers. A.S.A.P. has provided a way for school boards to implement violence prevention in an integrated and effective manner.

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