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Country watch: Cambodia.

Mielke J

In 1996-97, UNICEF commissioned the Save the Children Fund UK to explore sexuality among youth in Cambodia in an effort to learn about the psychosocial factors which influence sexual risk-taking behavior in that population. Based upon the results of that study and ongoing participatory research, UNICEF is developing a series of interactive teaching video packages which model real-life situations. Most communities throughout the country have private video parlors accessible to community educators. The minidramas presented in the videos can be used to facilitate group discussions on issues such as problem identification, problem solving, assessing personal risk for HIV infection, and how to reduce HIV infection risks in a range of situations. Use of the videos stimulates two-way communication for participatory problem solving. Each video package comes with a facilitator guide including discussion questions, while flip-chart versions may be used in areas without access to video. These latter versions depict the story of each problem situation and model behavior options using a series of pictures.

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