Jordan National Family Planning Communication Strategy. Design workshop report, May 19-22, 1997.

Jordan. National Population Commission / General Secretariat. Information, Education and Communication Project
[Unpublished] 1997. 35 p.

This report summarizes a 4-day 1997 design workshop conducted to further development of Jordan's National Population Strategy by 1) emphasizing the importance of Population and Family Planning (FP) IEC (information, education, communication) and 2) creating a model strategy for other components of the overall goal. The objective of the workshop was to design the National FP Communication Strategy for 1997-2002 and to 1) define the target audiences, identify strategic objectives, design effective message concepts, and find appropriate communication channels; 2) increase staff capabilities; and 3) increase public support for the National FP Communication Strategy through media coverage of the workshop and launching of the logo. This report reviews the opening ceremony, the format of the workshop, and the workshop results, including planning for the next steps. Appendices provide 1) a list of opening ceremony attendees, 2) a reproduction of the logo, 3) a list of design workshop attendees, 4) the program of the workshop, 5) preliminary results of the Jordan KAP (knowledge, attitude, practice) survey, 6) the outline of the presentation on designing a communication strategy, 7) a list of members of the working groups, 8) the approved outline of the National FP Communication Strategy, and 9) copies of newspaper coverage.

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