Factors influencing behavior and behavior change.

Fishbein M; Triandis HC; Kanfer FH; Becker M; Middlestadt SE
In: Handbook of health psychology, edited by A.S. Baum, T.A. Revenson, and J.E. Singer. Mahwah, New Jersey, Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000. 1-17.

We are now nearing the end of the second decade of the AIDS epidemic. Although major advances in treatment have prolonged and improved the quality of life of those infected with HIV, there is still no cure for, or a vaccine to prevent, this deadly disease. Perhaps most important, it has become increasingly clear that primary prevention must focus on behavior and behavior change. AIDS is first and foremost a consequence of behavior. It is not who people are, but what people to that determines whether or not they expose themselves or others to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The task of confronting the behavioral sciences is to develop theory-based intervention programs to reduce risky behaviors and increase health behaviors. (excerpt)

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