[Involuntary sterilizations: the medical community risks being in the dock]] Tvangssteriliseringarna: Lakarkaren riskerar att hamna pa de anklagades bank]

Jarhult B
LAKARTIDNINGEN. 1997 Oct 8; 94(41):3582-5.

An open debate has flared up about forced sterilization in Sweden over the past several decades. A new discussion is needed about the role of doctors, and the social authority should render an account about the position of the federation of doctors. Historical facts show that the sterilization of weak groups was a worldwide phenomenon at the beginning of the 20th century, which produced legislation in several countries irrespective of which party was in power. The debate was started in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter on August 30, 1997. A retired psychiatrist, Anders Milton, who represents the world physicians' association, claimed that he had done nothing wrong and that individual physicians were only made scapegoats. The reason forced sterilization was never questioned is that it was advocated by the highly respected couple Alva and Gunnar Myrdal in the 1930s. A commission will be set up to shed light on forced sterilization from various angles dating back to the 1930s, including the role of individual doctors who advised vacillating women. The spokesman of the physicians' association stated that medical ethics should not yield to politics, that is why the World Health Organization was established after World War II. Milton replied that the conclusion is that doctors should not be the long arm of the law and the tool of society's coercive apparatus, save for some well-defined exceptions.

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