Unauthorized Mexican workers in the 1990 Los Angeles County labour force.

Marcelli EA; Heer DM
International Migration/Migrations Internationales/Migraciones Internacionales. 1997; 35(1):59-83.

By analysing how unauthorized Mexicans compare with seven other ethno-racial groups in Los Angeles County, separately and collectively, by educational attainment and time spent in the U.S., we find that unauthorized Mexicans had relatively fewer years of formal education (either in the U.S. or in Mexico) and had been in the U.S. a relatively fewer number of years than in-migrants of other ethno-racial backgrounds in 1990. These findings are then used as proxies to compare the human capital endowments of different ethno-racial groups. We next estimate the number of unauthorized Mexicans by occupation, industry and class of worker, and compare these distributions with the total labour force and with the other ethno-racial groups in Los Angeles County....Results show that amounts of human capital are positively related to the kinds of occupations filled. (SUMMARY IN FRE AND SPA) (EXCERPT)

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