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World is ill-prepared for "inevitable" flu pandemic.

Bulletin of the World Health Organization. 2004 Apr; 82(4):317.

The recent avian influenza outbreaks in Asia serve as stark reminders that another influenza pandemic is inevitable and possibly imminent, said WHO Director- General, Dr LEE Jong-wook, during a conference on influenza preparedness hosted by WHO on 16-18 March 2004. "We know another pandemic is "inevitable," said LEE. "It is coming. And when this happens, we also know that we are likely to have enough drugs, vaccines, health-care workers and hospital capacity to cope in an ideal way." Poultry culling and other measures may have reduced the likelihood of a human pandemic influenza strain emerging soon from Asia as a consequence of avian flu. However, experts believe that because these outbreaks come in cycles, a human influenza pandemic must be expected at some time in the future. (excerpt)

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