Assessment of vulnerability of boys: a situation analysis on prostitution of boys.

Sarwar S; Karmaker UK
Ghoramara, Bangladesh, Association for Community Development [ACD], [2008]. 44 p.

The study was aimed to explore a qualitative analysis addressing the situation of prostitution of boys and assessing the vulnerability of boys relating to sexual abuse and exploitation. It has covered the areas in Bangladesh of Rajshahi city and land port areas of Chapai Nawabgonj District, which purposely intends to explore the situation of vulnerabilities of prostitution of boys in sociocultural settings. The study is an analytical framework exploring the extent and dynamic of sexual abuse and exploitation of boys. It is also aim to determine the community cares towards the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation and boys who are at risk like situation to be victimized to such violations. A numbers of research methods have been brought into play to scrutinize the study findings and reach its purposes. (excerpt)

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