Pre-testing methodology for behaviour change communication materials. Resource package for a DISH best practice.

United States. Agency for International Development [USAID]. Delivery of Improved Services for Health [DISH]
[Kampala], Uganda, DISH, [2002]. [113] p.

After a communication strategy has been designed, Delivery of Improved Services for Health (DISH) briefs a creative designer on the intended audience, the objective of the strategy, communication media (print, radio, etc.) and key message points. Utilizing this brief, the agency produces a variety of creative concepts in each selected medium for review. The DISH team along with other partners review and suggest revisions or request complete redesign of each piece. When DISH is happy with each product, it is ready to be tested with its intended audience. Any type of material that will be broadcast, displayed, presented, or utilized with the purpose of influencing behaviour is pre-tested in advance of production. This includes items such as logos, billboards, posters, stickers, newsletters, radio spots, TV spots, brochures, jingles, calendars, flyers, videos, or pamphlets. (excerpt)

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