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Gender equity and the population problem.

Sen A
International Journal of Health Services. 2001; 31(3):469-474.

The point of departure of this article is the recognition that the most immediate adversity caused by a high rate of population growth lies in the loss of freedom that women suffer when they are shackled to a life of persistent bearing and rearing of children. This connection is important in itself because of its relevance to the well-being and freedom of women (and derivatively of men as well). Furthermore, since the interests of young women are so closely involved, it would also be natural to expect that anything that increases the voice and power of young women in family decisions will tend to have the effect of sharply decreasing fertility rates (and through that, reducing the environmental adversities associated with population explosion). This expected connection has received very substantial statistical confirmation in inter-country comparisons across the world as well as in inter-state and inter-district correspondences within India. (excerpt)

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