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Introduction: Scaling up key public health interventions.

Lippeveld T
Boston, Massachusetts, John Snow [JSI], [2007]. 4 p. (JSI Best Practices in Scaling Up Case Study Series)

The case studies included in this series were first presented at an internal international conference on scaling up held by JSI in June, 2005 in Washington, DC. The conference, entitled ?Public Health Impact: Experiences in Scaling Up,? featured more than 20 presentations on the processes used by JSI-supported projects to scale up a broad range of key public health interventions. The conference was attended by 275 JSI staff working in international health projects from 32 countries around the world. The experiences in scaling up shared by country program staff proved to be of such value to participants that JSI recognized a need to develop a series of publications to disseminate the information more widely, allowing external partners to benefit. Given the importance of scaling up key health interventions in all countries, it was felt that health professionals would benefit from learning the steps taken from successful JSI programs around the world to scale up public health interventions, whether those took place within communities, the public sector, private sector, or civil society. (excerpt)

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