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The virtue of restraint. Is there such a thing as too much choice?

Gardner G
WORLD WATCH. 2001 Mar-Apr; 14(2):12-8.

In this article, the advantages and influence of extensive choices on development are speculated about. The author compares the factors involved in the decision-making process between a subject with an extensive amount of choices and one with a limited number of choices. Problems caused by these excesses like health and matters of economics are considered. The author expresses that the lack of restraint in people is promoted under the guise of individualism or privacy, conditions that increase the options by allowing people to do what they want and when they want. On the other hand, constraints have been considered to be advantageous to the moral, cultural and physiological development of humanity. The author expresses that drawing clear lines that limit options for consumption or technology is one of the most effective ways to maximize development.

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