Child prostitution and the spread of AIDS.

Kandela P
Lancet. 2000 Dec 9; 356(9246):1991.

In Morocco, child prostitution is a large and growing problem and the government is being forced to address the situation. Although legislation is in place to punish people convicted of sexual abuse of children, the rate of prostitution is still high. Joint research studies by the government and the UN have revealed that up to 48% of street children have been sexually abused, often in return for lodging and food. In a study conducted in 1995 by the Moroccan AIDS Service Organization, it was found that most prostitutes were not aware of the risks of AIDS and did not know how to negotiate safer sex with clients. It also indicated that many prostitutes had precarious living conditions due to economic dependence and had many sexual partners. Visitors and tourists play a significant part in this trade. Tourism continues to provide clients for child prostitutes, many of whom are uneducated about AIDS.

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