Goa proposes mandatory HIV tests before marriage.

Ahmad K
Lancet Infectious Diseases. 2006 May; 6(5):267.

International concern is growing over the proposed plan by the Indian state of Goa to award marriage licences only to couples displaying a “negative HIV test”. “This goes against all notions of confidentiality”, Denis Broun, head of UNAIDS in India, explained. Broun said that Goa does not yet have proper pre-test and post-test counselling services and an infra structure of care and support to assist those who are found to be HIV positive. Arthur Caplan (University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA) adds: “Many American states have required testing for syphilis before granting a marriage licence. What is morally troubling is not mandating testing, but [whether] Goa can offer treatment to those who are found to be positive.” (excerpt)

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