My Basket--Requesting POPLINE Documents

Users in low- and middle-income countries can use the POPLINE My Basket to simplify ordering full-text POPLINE documents. This feature allows those users to make a preliminary selection of documents, which can be viewed and edited before submitting a final request. The My Basket icon appears at the far right end of the main POPLINE navigation bar.

When you add an item to My Basket, it will be saved there until you're ready to submit your request. Once you have added 1 or more documents to My Basket, you can open your basket to view and edit your selection.

Follow these steps to add records to My Basket:

  1. If you have not already done so, sign in with your username and password. You must sign in or create an account on POPLINE to use this feature.
  2. Perform a search from either the Basic Search on the Home page or from the Advanced Search page.
  3. On the Search Results page, click the Add to Basket button under any of the short records in the results list. If you do not see the Add to Basket icon, it is because your POPLINE account profile indicates that you are located in a developed country.

  4. The record will be saved to My Basket.

Follow these steps to view and request items in My Basket:

  1. Sign in to your My POPLINE account.
  2. To view all the items in My Basket, click on the My Basket icon at the far right end of the main POPLINE navigation bar.
  3. My Basket displays a list containing the document title and link to remove the item from My Basket.

  4. When you are ready to finalize your document request, click the Complete Document Request button
  5. Complete and submit the on-line form. All fields are required the first time you submit a request. This is the last step in the ordering process.
  6. Documents will be removed from your shopping cart after you have ordered them.
  7. For each subsequent document request, the on-line form will provide an option to reuse ordering information on file.

  8. Choosing contact information from the Address on File drop down will automatically populate the rest of the order form. Or, you can change your contact information and submit your request.