Exporting Records

The POPLINE website allows for the export of either Search Results or the contents of a user's My Documents folder in three different formats: CSV, RIS, and TXT.
CSV files are appropriate for import into Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs. The RIS format is a generic format suitable for import into a bibliographic reference manager, such as RefWorks or EndNote. TXT files are formatted for citation management in Microsoft Word or other text editors.

To export Search Results:

  1. Perform a search from either the Basic Search on the Home page or from the Advanced Search page.
  2. On the Search Results page, navigate to the lower section of the right sidebar. Under the heading Export Search Results, choose one of the three formats.

  3. There is a limit of 2000 records at a time.
  4. Open or Save the file in your selected format.

To export My Documents:

  1. Add your selected documents to the My Documents folder using the buttons located in each short record of the search results. See Using My Documents.
  2. The contents of My Documents can either be exported using the format buttons in the right sidebar of the Search Results page, or from within the My Documents folder itself.

  3. Open or Save the file in your selected format.