Error Message: Search is temporarily unavailable

If you’ve received this error message after performing a search on POPLINE, it is most likely because there is a problem with your search strategy. These are the most common issues, that once fixed, should resolve the error.

  • You’ve created your search strategy in MS Word and have quoted phrases. Word uses "smart quotes" (unless you have that default behavior turned off) and the POPLINE search engine does not like them. A text editor is the better option for designing your search criteria.
  • Using truncation within a quoted phrase. For example, searching: “family plan*”. We are looking into fixing this, but currently you should include each variant in your search.
  • Unmatched parentheses will also cause this error. Make sure that you have matching right and left parentheses for each search group.

Once you have verified your search strategy and you are still getting an error, please contact POPLINE.