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    Surveys, polls, and samples: practical procedures.

    Parten M

    New York, Harper and Brothers, 1950. 624 p.

    The author attempts to bring together the current procedures used by population surveyors in such fields as marketing, political opinion polling, government census, and radio audience measurement, as well as in the more academic attempts to evaluate populations by questionnaires. The historical background and current practices of population surveying, polling and sampling are presented, covering the following areas: 1) social surveys and polls in the US, 2) planning the survey, 3) methods of securing information, 4) the role of sampling, 5) organization and personnel of the survey, 6) construction of the schedule or questionnaire, 7) types of sampling, 8) procedures for drawing samples, 9) sample sizes, 10) interview procedures, 11) mail questionnaire procedures, 12) sources of bias, 13) editing the schedule data, 14) coding the data, 15) data tabulation, 16) data and sample evaluation, and 17) preparation and publication of the report.
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