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    Towards sustainable peace in Sierra Leone.

    Funke N; Solomon H

    Pretoria, South Africa, Africa Insitute of South Africa, Peace and Governance Programme, 2002. vi, 14 p. (Africa Institute Occasional Paper No. 68; Peace and Governance Programme No. 4)

    If lasting peace is to be sustained, it is important that preventive diplomacy be effectively applied in future, something which has thus far not always been managed successfully. The mistakes that have been made in the past can serve as a guideline to formulate a series of recommendations for the future. First, it is essential to define the concept preventive diplomacy. The next step is to describe the dimensions of the conflict in Sierra Leone. Bilateral negotiations between parties, appeals by international actors and the threat or use of force in the maintenance and restoration of regional balances of power are selected as a few key preventive tools for analysis. Finally, recommendations are made in this volume about how preventive diplomacy should be applied in future to prevent the country's fragile peace from falling apart yet again. (excerpt)
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    Voices of Colombian children on war and peace.

    Cameron S

    Development. 2000 Mar; 43(1):23-7.

    This article is an excerpt of the research report on the Children's Movement for Peace in Colombia. The research conducted by Sara Cameron in 1998, interviewed 150 Colombian children about their opinion of war and their efforts to build peace. This research was then submitted to the Nobel Committee in support of the nomination of the Children's Movement for Peace for the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize. Most of the cases being related by these children include killing of parents, killing young innocent people, conflict within the family, and war between the army and guerrillas. The Children's Movement for Peace exerted effort to build peace by conducting workshops and counseling of the children victimized by violence. Also, they help these victims express their feelings either verbally or through paintings. Lastly, the volunteers of peace movement in Colombia hope to promote peace in the home, community, and the country.
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    Immigration and expulsion of ECOWAS aliens in Nigeria.

    Afolayan AA

    INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION REVIEW. 1988 Spring; 22(1):4-27.

    The immigration of ECOWAS (Economic Community of Western African States) citizens into Nigeria following the 1980 ECOWAS treaty on international migration is discussed. Consideration is given to international migration in Nigeria before and after the treaty, the effect of Nigeria's oil boom on immigration, and the impact of drought and war in other parts of Western Africa. Factors leading to the expulsion of ECOWAS aliens, and public response to the order, are also examined. Data are from official sources. (ANNOTATION)
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