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    HIV / AIDS care and support projects. Using behavior change communication techniques to design and implement care and support projects.

    Family Health International [FHI]. AIDS Control and Prevention Project [AIDSCAP]

    Arlington, Virginia, AIDSCAP, [1997]. 73 p. (USAID Contract No. HRN-5972-C-00-4001-00)

    This manual explains how organizations can use behavior change communication techniques in HIV/AIDS care and support projects. After an introductory section, section 2 describes HIV/AIDS care and support projects, their benefits, and their target audiences. The third section lists examples of care and support activities, and section 4 covers whether a particular organization should engage in care and support efforts. The remaining sections explore each of the important steps in instituting and carrying out such a project. Section 5 deals with choosing a target audience, and section 6 describes how to use segmentation techniques and a situation analysis to understand a target group. The seventh section details the planning and design of care and support interventions, and section 8 looks at choosing effective communication approaches. Section 9 discusses meeting training and education needs of health workers. The next two sections delineate the role of leaders, institutions, and the media in influencing social norms as well as ways to involve community leaders. Section 12 reviews ways of working with and involving people living with HIV/AIDS, and the final section considers family issues.
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