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    [Sociocultural management of obstetrical complications in the regions of Fes, Boulemane and Taza, Al Heceima and Taounate (Morocco). Qualitative study by focus group. Synthesis report] La gestion socioculturelle de la complication obstetricale dans les regions Fes - Boulemane et Taza - Al Hoceima - Taounate (Maroc). Etude qualitative par focus group. Rapport de synthese.

    Dialmy A

    [Rabat], Morocco, Ministere de la Sante, Direction de la Population, 1999. 106 p. (SMI/175/4705)

    This report describes and presents the results of a qualitative study conducted in Morocco exploring how the Moroccan population manages obstetrical complications. In 1992, the National Study of Population and Health (ENPS) estimated the national mean maternal mortality rate to be 332 deaths per 100,000 live births during 1985-91. According to the Papchild study conducted in 1997, the rate was 228/100,000, but 307/100,000 in rural areas. Dystocia and uterine rupture, hemorrhage, infection, and toxemia and hypertension are the main causes of maternal mortality in Morocco. The aim of this study was to evaluate the extent to which the population was aware of potentially deadly, delivery-related complications, their faith in the ability of medical care to resolve such problems, and their understanding of the need to promptly seek appropriate medical care in such cases. Study hypotheses are presented, followed by a discussion on planning focus groups, the training of trainers, data preparation, analysis, and limits of the study. An analysis of study findings is presented in the following chapters: inadequate medical care during pregnancy, safe delivery, obstetrical complications, the inaccessibility of public health facilities, unacceptable healthcare, and unclear information, education, and communication. Final sections of the report include the conclusion, recommendations, annexes, and a bibliography.
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