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    Abortion law [letter] [reply]

    Argent V; Wakley G

    Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care. 2007 Jan; 33(1):65.

    Shortage of space in a journal always constrains the amount of material in any commentary. References to support the view that "other polls generally show support for earlier abortion on request and improved access" have been widely available. They include one on 'Women's perceptions of abortion law and practice in Britain' carried out by BMRB Social Research for Marie Stopes International. This showed that 88% of women believed that decisions about abortion should rest with the woman concerned and that 67% believed that abortion should be free on the National Health Service. The State of the Nation poll by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust found that 76% of the UK population were pro-choice. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists reported that one in three women have an abortion in their lifetime and that almost 90% of abortions take place in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. These large numbers provide a practical demonstration of the wishes of women to have access to early abortion. (excerpt)
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