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    Some results of an Irish family planning survey.

    Wilson-Davis K

    Journal of Biosocial Science. October 1975; 7(4):435-444.

    A survey was conducted in 1973 in the Republic of Ireland on the opinions of 754 married women and 194 husbands on the practice of contraception and on the government ban on and the desired availability of contraception. The ban has since been lifted. 54.1% of the women said that the had used family planning at some time. The safe period was the leading method, used by 55%, followed by the pill, which was used by 15.6%. Coitus interruptus was third, being used by 10.2%. Differences in use were found according to age, residence, and social class. Contraception was the highest in the 30-34 age group and in urban areas, where 61% used contraception, compared to 39% in rural areas. Younger women and those of the professional classes tended more toward artificial methods of contraception. Only 3.3% of the agricultural class used an artificial method. More than 75% wanted the government ban on contraceptives repealed. Yet, only 5.5% wanted contraceptives to be made freely available to everybody. Most wanted them restricted to married couples and by prescription only.
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