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    Survey data as historical documents: a rationale for secondary analysis.

    Back KW

    In: Godwin, R., ed. Comparative policy analysis: the study of population determinants in developing countries. Lexington, Massachusetts, D.C. Heath, 1975. p. 157-172

    During the past 20 years, which have been a period of change in the acceptance of fertility control, a number of public opinion surveys were conducted in many countries. While these studies were often limited by the methodology used, they may still be viewed as historical documents that are indicative of general social conditions, which may in turn be represented as a set of abstract variables. The techniques of scale analysis, multivariate analysis, and clustering are the tools appropriat e for this task; rank order of size or approximate order of magnitude is the result to be achieved. An example is given using 2 sets of multinational surveys, one by USIA and the other by CELADE.
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