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    [Major findings from the second public opinion survey on population issues in Japan, 1995]

    Kaneko T; Inaba H; Shiraishi N; Nakagawa S


    The Institute of Population Problems carried out the second public opinion survey on population issues in Japan on 15 June, 1995....[It] aimed at grasping current public opinions on population issues, and it also intended to derive [the] most recent reproduction indices in Japan, for the purpose of contributing to the population projections and the effective planning and management of the administration. Information is included on marriage intentions and timing, fertility decline, population size, urbanization, and attitudes toward the provision of foreign aid for population control. (SUMMARY IN ENG) (EXCERPT)
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    [Germany after unification--opinions on and attitudes toward the family, children, and family policy in the East and West] Deutschland nach der Vereinigung--Meinungen und Einstellungen zu Familie, Kindern und zur Familienpolitik in Ost und West.

    Stortzbach B


    In this contribution, first results are given of a survey initiated in 1992 by the Federal Institute for Population Research...on the acceptance of measures related to family policy. With this survey a total of 10,000 representatively selected German women and men aged 20 to 39 years were interviewed as to their opinions and attitudes with regard to family and children as well as with regard to measures related to family policy....This first results analysis is focussed on demonstrating the differences and common features in the opinions of the respondents from the former RFA and from the former GDR. The results indicate clear differences between the former two parts of Germany in the assessment of reasons for the decline of the birthrate, value orientation with regard to family and children as well as the assessment of the actual family policy adopted by the federal government and of individual measures related to family policy. (SUMMARY IN ENG AND FRE) (EXCERPT)
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