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    Family size ideals of Canadians: a methodological note.

    BOYD M

    Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology. 1974 Nov; 11(4):360-370.

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    Peer Reviewed

    Can we believe recent data on birth expectations in the United States?

    Blake J

    Demography. Feb 1974; 11(1):25-44.

    A share of the recent decline in birth expectations of young American wives may be due to the historically unique stimulus of intense public attention to population growth and family size. Data on whites from numerous national surveys provide at least four types of evidence favoring this thesis: a sudden massing of responses in the two-child category (the ZPG formula); a tolerance for the large family; an aversion to childlessness and the one-child family; and an inconsistency between respondents' evaluations of the family cycle and childspacing, on the one hand, and their personal acceptance of the two-child norm, on the other. The lack of congruence in American reproductive attitudes at present suggests that some conservatism might be wise in accepting current birth expectations as valid indicators of the long-run intentions of youthful cohorts. (author's)
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