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    [Three projections of population decline for Quebec: characteristics and implications for the working population] Trois scenarios de decroissance de la population quebecoise: caracteristiques et incidences sur la population active.

    Gauthier H

    CAHIERS QUEBECOIS DE DEMOGRAPHIE. 1986 Oct; 15(2):181-212.

    After a brief review of various projections of population decline for Quebec, the author analyses some previous examples of depopulation, and emphasizes that public opinion will have to change much if immigration is to be used as a tool for avoiding population decline. He then investigates four implications of the projected decline: the size of the working population, its age and sex structure, the labor force participation ratio, and the economic dependency ratio. (SUMMARY IN ENG AND SPA) (EXCERPT)
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    English-Canadian and French-Canadian attitudes toward women: results of the Canadian Gallup Polls.

    Boyd M

    In: Women in the family and the economy: an international comparative survey. Edited by George Kurian and Ratna Ghosh. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1981. 179-195.

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    The fall and rise of religion.

    Riche MF

    American Demographics. 1982 May; 4(5):14-19, 47.

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