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    The fear of population decline

    Teitelbaum MS; Winter JM

    Orlando, Florida/London, England, Academic Press, 1985. xii, 201 p.

    This book provides a survey of the subject of population decline in the context of the demographic history of the United States and Europe including the USSR since the mid-1800s. Following an overview of common misunderstandings concerning population decline, the authors "proceed in Chapters 2 and 3 to demonstrate the complex ways in which fears of population decline emerged in the period 1870-1940. In Chapter 4, [they] describe developments in the period 1945-1965, when these fears temporarily receded." Two subsequent chapters deal with aspects of the observed fertility decline since 1965 and various policy responses. In the concluding section, the authors "summarize the long debate over the nature and possible dangers of population decline, and then turn to the question of likely demographic trends, and what to do about them, in the foreseeable future." Fertility data and the texts of selected official policy statements on the subject are included in appendixes. (EXCERPT)
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