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    Luks R

    Geneva, Switzerland, C-Film International, 1971

    The first contraceptive which can be used by both men and women is described. C-Film is a 5 cm, thin, pliable, and soluble film containing a potent, nonirritating spermicide. It can be inserted with the finger in the vagina in a matter of seconds or it can be applied by the man to the tip of his penis just before it enters the vagina. The film dissolves very rapidly, releasing the spermicide to prevent conception. It can be inserted in the vagina as much as 1 hour before intercourse and still be effective. The producers of C-Film state that it is safe and effective. Production and distribution plans are outlined. C-Film is to be sold in packs of 5 and 10. Convenience packs may also be supplied containing 2 or 3. Manufacturing facilities have been established in Switzerland.
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    The medication monitor for studying the self-administration of oral contraceptives.

    Moulding T

    American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. August 15, 1971; 110(8):1143-1144.

    The author notes that failure of the commonly used oral contraceptives is often related to failure of the woman to take the medication as prescribed. A medication monitor has been devised. Each tablet is packaged in a plastic holder and marked with the day of the week it is to be taken. The holders are stacked in sequence and markings are visible. A small uranium source and a paper-wrapped strip of photographic film are included. As each tablet is removed a spring moves the radioactive source down creating a record of dots on the film. Irregular removal of tablets is thus recorded. This method is considered a practical means of studying oral contraceptive use. The association of pregnancy or breakthrough bleeding with different degrees of omission can be determined and at what point in the treatment the lapse most frequently leads to these events. Also the effectiveness of attempts to improve the regularity with which women take medication could be determined and other contraceptive programs recommended for individual patients with poor film records.
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    Pill packs and the patient

    Potts DM

    IPPF Medical Bulletin. 1971; 5(6):4.

    Pharmacological differences exist between some types of oral contraceptives, and a specific pill may prove most satisfactory for an individual woman. However, all over the world doctors find that a single type of pill can fulfill the needs of a very large number of users. Today a great many brands of pill are made; many contain similar weights of hormones, and sometimes exactly similar tablets are distributed by different manufacturers under different trade names, in different packages, containing tablets that differ in size, shape and colour. Experience shows that changing the package - with or without minor variations in pharmacological activity - can disturb users. When oral contraceptives are purchased on behalf of the If, a great effort is made to obtain the most advantageous contracts possible. Contracts usually run for one year and a new manufacturere may obtain the contract at the end of that time. Previously unfamiliar packs may then reach family planning clinics and these changes have caused, and are causing, some confusion. It is hoped that if the reason for the change is explained, and if the woman is reassured, there will be little trouble. Efforts are now being made to draw up contracts for a common pack which will carry the name and be the same shape and contain similar white tablets, and perhaps have an unusual but standard symbol, whichever manufacturer obtains a bulk order contract. The chemical formulation of the tablet and the manufacturer's name would be printed on the pack in small letters, mainly for the information of the doctor. It is hoped that such a system will begin to used in the course of 1972.(Full text)
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