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    Long-lasting insecticide-treated bed net packaging considerations.

    John Snow [JSI]. DELIVER

    Arlington, Virginia, DELIVER, 2014 Jul. [9] p.

    This document details two different types of LLIN packaging options -- biodegradable and recyclable -- that can help malaria prevention stakeholders address the challenge presented by the accumulation of LLIN packing waste in communities. It also detailed another option to vastly reduce the amount of material by packaging LLINs in bulk when they will be used in campaigns. All of these options are alternatives to forgoing any special type of packaging. With each option, programs and stakeholders should review the many contextual issues before deciding the best solution for them. Ultimately, any decision that will contribute to a well-managed LLIN packaging waste plan will contribute to an improved malaria prevention program and a reduced risk of contaminating the environment.
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