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    Protex condoms. Development of the Moroccan Contraceptive Social Marketing Project.

    Futures Group. Social Marketing for Change [SOMARC]

    [Unpublished] 1989 Nov. [10] p.

    The foundations of a contraceptive social marketing project aimed at increasing the availability and use of condoms among urban, married, low-income men in Morocco are described. Aiming to sell the condom through commercial retail outlets with the goal of increasing overall prevalence of condom use, the Moroccan Social Marketing Project (MSMP) is the 1st major contribution by the commercial sector in the national effort to increase participation in family planning. 18 months of research on the Moroccan condom market and promotion strategy served as initial groundwork for the project. Specifically, pre-campaign surveys on contraceptive usage, attitude, and pharmacies; product name and pack development research; and advertising positioning research and message testing were conducted. Low condom usage was found in Morocco, with <5% of urban, married, male contraceptors using condoms; nationwide, <1% of women and their partners used condoms. Using radio and point of purchase advertising in urban and peri-urban pharmacies, a marketing strategy was developed urging non-contracepting men to choose condoms once they decided to begin using a contraceptive method. Focus was placed upon shifting the image of the condom away from its association with illicit relationships, encouraging the continued strong male support of and role in family planning, and choosing an appropriate product name, advertising positioning, and price through the assistance of focus groups' suggestions.
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