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    Costing nevirapine delivery to infants: a Zambian case study.

    Zellner S; Musau S

    Bethesda, Maryland, Abt Associates, Partners for Health Reform Plus Project, 2004 Aug. [36] p. (USAID Contract No. HRN-C-00-00-00019-00)

    The United States Agency for International Development invited the Partners for Health Reformplus to estimate costs associated with the packaging of infant doses of Nevirapine in Zambia. The costs of following four scenarios were examined in this exercise: 1) preparation and administration of Nevirapine by a nurse immediately after birth, 2) preparation of Nevirapine in batches prepared by either a nurse or nurse’s aide, 3) a semi-automated approach of pre-filled and packaged Nevirapine syringes, and 4) a fully automated approach using UnijectDP pre-filled with Nevirapine. Findings show that, at all dose levels, administration by a nurse after birth is the most cost-effective scenario. However, if other important factors, such as limited access to hospital facilities, are taken into consideration, then the semi-automated or Uniject approaches may be more suitable. (author's)
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