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    Peer Reviewed

    Acceptability of the vaginal sheath (Femshield) in Thai couples.

    Jivasak-Apimas S

    CONTRACEPTION. 1991 Aug; 44(2):183-90.

    A small survey to assess the perception and experience of current family planning users and their husbands was carried out in a university family planning clinic. Women routinely visiting the clinic were asked to complete a short screening form. 56 women responded to the questionnaire concerning their attitude to the Femshield. 18 volunteers agreed to enter the study and were given verbal instruction on use of the device. Each volunteer was provided with 3-5 Femshields. Participants were asked to return to the clinic 1 month after admission. A Husband Form was then sent to the home of the volunteers to assess the attitude of their husbands. 13 volunteers returned for the followup visit. 50 Femshields were used. The results showed that the volunteers found the vaginal insertion of the device was acceptable, but the outer and inner rings of the device caused an uncomfortable feeling when having intercourse. The volunteers were more positive about the device than were their partners. Sexual satisfaction for both partners was reduced. A few couples suggested that the device be modified with the bag being smaller and thinner, the outer and inner rings reduced in size and softer, and the device itself being in a prelubricated packet. (author's)
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