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    Peer Reviewed

    Clinical experience with triphasic oral contraceptive (Triquilar) in 527 women in China.

    Weng LJ; Xu D; Zheng HZ; Zhang JY; Sang GW; Qian LJ

    CONTRACEPTION. 1991 Mar; 43(3):263-71.

    From October 1987-May 1989, a total number of 527 women completed a total of 6291 treatment cycles in 6 centers in China for the study of a triphasic oral contraceptive (OC), Triquilar. The mean age of the subjects was 30.21 +or- 2.84 years. There were 7 pregnancies during the study period. Among them, 5 were patient failures due to a missed pill or incorrect dosage; 1 had taken barbiturates along with Triquilar. Only 1 woman became pregnancy in the 11th treatment cycle without any discernible reason. In most cases, menstrual flow decreased and dysmenorrhea improved as treatment continued. Of the total treatment cycles, the incidence of missed withdrawal bleeding was 0.25%, spotting 0.97%, and breakthrough bleeding 0.48%. Nausea and vomiting were the most common side effects and accounted for 6.4% of the total treatment cycles. This was followed by breast tenderness (3.7%), dizziness (2.4%), and headache (1.6%). Most of these occurred during the 1st few cycles and were alleviated later. By the end of 1 year, the total dropout was 64 cases. The reasons for discontinuation of treatment were: pregnancy 1.33/100 women, menstrual disturbances 0.76, side effects 3.80, other medical reasons 2.09, and personal reasons 4.18. Results confirm that Triquilar is an effective OC with good cycle control and low incidence of side effects. No serious reaction has been reported. It has been well accepted by the Chinese women. However, due to the low dosage of steroids, it is of utmost importance to avoid errors in its use. Not only should the package of the drug carry conspicuous warnings, but also detailed instructions should be given to the women in order to obtain the desired efficacy. (author's)
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