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    CSM - SOMARC project in Mexico.

    Futures Group. Social Marketing for Change [SOMARC]

    [Washington, D.C], Futures Group, SOMARC, [1986]. [6] p.

    Protektor is a condom introduced as a social marketing scheme in Mexico by SOMARC, with the Ministry of Health, and CONASUPO, a government-owned chain of grocery stores. Protektor condoms will be sold for half the average price of condoms, packaged in 3-packs of assorted colors and displayed in a dispenser in both the health and beauty aids section and at the check-out counter. CONASUPO is an ideal distributor because it is patronized by C and D class consumers, it accounts for 30% of grocery sales in Mexico, and it has the largest distribution network in rural areas. The Protektor campaign will begin with ads showing sports personalities during the World [soccer[ Cup in June 1986, featuring 18 weeks of advertising on radio, transit vehicles, and point of purchase displays. The theme "responsible loving couples" will be emphasized, with images of affection and intimacy. The Protektor campaign has been tested in 14 small 24-hour grocery stores in Cuidad Juarez, with an extremely positive consumer response. The campaign will be evaluated for both sales results, by a subsidiary of A.C. Nielson Co., and for consumer attitudes and awareness, by a subsidiary of Gallup Research. Mexico's population of 82 million, including 11.2 million fertile women, will double in 27 years. 51% of fertile women use contraception. Although 70% of people questioned know of condoms, 1.8% of contracepting couples use condoms.
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    Woman buyers targeted.

    ASBURY PARK PRESS. 1986 Jun 26; [1] p.

    US condom manufacturers have begun marketing their product directly to the people they most protect--women. "With the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the growing number of unplanned pregnancies, women aren't just assuming that their partners will take the responsibility for birth control and disease prevention," said Stuart Gold, president of National Sanitary Laboratories Inc. in suburban Lincolnwood. Women account for over 40% of condom sales in this country, he said. The company's "Lady Protex" line of condoms--packaged in silver foil boxes with fuchsia or turquoise trim--is designed to be sold at the feminine hygiene sections of drug stores and supermarkets, spokesman Kevin Foley said yesterday. 7 months ago, a Minneapolis-based medical supply manufacturer, Mentor Corp. entered the condom market with the "Mentor Contraceptive" designed with the female buyer in mind. Mentor spokeswoman Jane O'Meara said the company would begin a national advertising campaign in September women's magazines. (full text)
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    Trip report: Honduras Contraceptive Social Marketing Program, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, June 11 - June 18, 1984.

    Levy T

    Washington, D.C., Futures Group, International Contraceptive Social Marketing Progam, 1984. 25 p. (Project No. AID/DSPE-CA-0087)

    At the request of the International Contraceptive Social Marketing Project, Tennyson Levy of the Tritora Corporation visited Honduras in June, 1984, to assist the Honduras Contraceptive Social Marketing Project to conduct market research to assess the impact of a 5-week advertising program. The campaign was undertaken to launch the introduction of the program's 1st product, Perla, a standard dose oral contraceptive (OC). During the visit the consultant was asked to assist in the development of an advertising plan for all 4 products which will be distributed by the program. The other 3 products are 1) Prebien, a low dose OC; 2) Guardian, a condom; and 3) Sana, a vaginal tablet. The consultant also helped develop research to guide the development of appropriate packages for the Guardian and Sana products. The distribution of Perla began in March, 1984, and the media campaign was conducted during May, 1984. Monthly sales for March amounted to 5271 cycles, and for May, 11,256 cycles. The campaign consisted of 2 45-second radio spots which ran 30 times a day for a month and a press ad. A visit to 12 pharmacies in June to obtain feedback about the advertising campaign led to the conclusion that the campaign increased awareness of Perla, of how it could be obtained, and of how much it cost; however, the campaign did little to alter women's fears and misconceptions about OCs. Recommendations were made for conducting a 2-phase advertising campaign to further promote Perla. The 1st phase will begin immediately and run for 8 weeks. The objective of the 1st phase will be to address women's fears and misconceptions about OCs. The 2nd phase will run from September 1984-July 1985, and the objectives of this phase will be to promote Perla as a method to avoid pregnancies which might keep women from attaining their personal goals, to encourage married women to use Perla to space their births and to limit family size, and to protect unmarried women from the fear of an unwanted pregnancy. Specific messages and channels for disseminating the messages for each phase of the campaign were specified. Communication strategies for the other 3 products were also provided. Guardian messages will seek to equate the macho image with responsible behavior. The Prebien campaign will be directed toward 16-24 year olds, and the Sana compaign will stress that vaginal tablets are a convenient method for lactating women, for teenagers, and for women who engage in sexual activities infrequently. A research strategy for conducting market research throughout the 13-month advertising campaign was developed. A previously developed survey questionnaire for evaluating the advertising campaign was redrafted, and an appropriate sampling strategy for the survey was developed. Pertinent research topics were identified, and a research time table was proposed. An advertising budget was also developed. Funds currently available for the campaign (US$93,000) are inadequate, and additional funds must be requested. The radio spots used in the initial Perla campaign are included in the appendix.
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