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    Emergency contraception. ECPs: instructions for use.

    Program for Appropriate Technology in Health [PATH]; Northwest Emergency Contraception Coalition

    Seattle, Washington, PATH, 1998. [1] p.

    Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) must be taken within 3 days after sex. Any of the birth control pills listed below can be used as ECPs. Use only the type of pill your health care provider prescribed for you. Use only one type of pill. One hour before the first ECP dose, take an anti- nausea medicine (like Dramamine II or Benadryl) to reduce the chance of nausea. Repeat according to labeled instructions. This may make you feel tired, so don't drive or drink any alcohol. Take the first ECP dose as soon as convenient within 3 days (72 hours) after unprotected sex (try to time the first dose so that the timing of the second dose will be convenient). Take the second ECP dose 12 hours after the first dose. Important: Do not take any extra ECPs. More pills will not make the treatment work better. More pills will increase your risk of feeling sick to your stomach. (excerpt)
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