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    Education international: an alliance with WHO.

    van Leeuwen F

    WORLD HEALTH. 1996 Jul-Aug; 49(4):27.

    Teaching children and adolescents how to become responsible citizens should be at the heart of schools' educational mission. Students must be made aware of the major problems, especially the health problems, they will face during the course of their lives. Health education involves conveying knowledge and influencing or changing attitudes and behavior in the context of daily life. It also means making young people responsible for their own health. Since young people's health directly affects their training, school attendance, and academic achievement, comprehensive health programs must be developed in the school setting. Such programs are among the most cost-effective investments a nation can make to improve its health. The yield can be measured in long-term economic and social development and the well-being of the whole population. Education International is an organization of teachers and other educational workers created in 1993 with affiliates in 140 countries. The organization is currently developing many promising partnerships. Education International particularly values its partnership with the World Health Organization.
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