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    Spreading the health message through schools.

    CHILDREN IN FOCUS. 1996 Oct-Dec; 8(4):1-2.

    In 1978, the Child Health Education Project in Jamaica began as a pilot project of the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit at the University of the West Indies; it is now part of the Ministry of Health. Its original goal was to use the school setting to send health messages via the children to families and to communities. With the move to the Ministry of Health, it will be integrated into the general primary school curriculum and will reach over 330,000 children, 6-11 years of age, in some 800 schools. The program currently reaches about 400 schools. A teacher's guide, children's workbooks, and a book of health stories and songs entitled "Jamboree" are used; UNICEF provides technical and materials support and pays for textbook development and printing. Trainers, teachers, and stakeholders are reviewing the curriculum, and an evaluation of the project is underway. Dr. Beryl Irons, Senior Medical Officer in the Maternal and Child Health Unit of the Ministry of Health, who is involved with the training of teachers, states that the project has been successful; her teachers report that there is a good level of class participation and that the behavior of the children is affected. Dr. Irons calls the project "an excellent experiment."
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