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    Welcoming address.

    Meganck RA

    In: Population, land management, and environmental change. UNU Global Environmental Forum IV, edited by Juha I. Uitto and Akiko Ono. Tokyo, Japan, United Nations University, 1996. xi-xiii.

    Addressing attendees of the United Nations University (UNU) Global Environmental Forum IV in Osaka on behalf of the UN Environment Program, the author noted that studies confirm that population growth, land and water mismanagement, and increasing environmental degradation in many parts of the world are interrelated. Just as these problems are connected, so must their solutions be integrated and mutually reinforcing. Heads of states attending the Rio Earth Summit 2.5 years ago called for urgent action on sustainable development. However, response to that call for action has been impeded by economic recession, fratricidal conflicts, natural and man-made disasters, and escalating poverty. The current challenge is to integrate UNCED with the outcomes of the UN's Cairo population conference. The UNU forum offers the chance to respond to the call for action and to advance the sustainable development agenda in a meaningful way.
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