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    Peer Reviewed

    [The Red Cross on the front line] La Croix-Rouge en premiere ligne.

    REVUE DE L INFIRMIERE. 1991 May 21; 41(10):33-5.

    The coordinator of a project fighting against AIDS in Tanzania in collaboration with the government is a Danish nurse, one of 4 mobilized teachers, working for the Tanzanian Red Cross to spread the message of prevention in primary and secondary classes in the North of the Kagera region using original pedagogical methods such as theater, song, and poems. The educational project consists of a group of 8 persons (social workers and nurses) travelling in 2 groups directed by a doctor. The Red Cross helps orphans, providing them with uniforms and school supplies by turning to the village administration, who indicates which families need help with their health. At present the problem of the cholera epidemic is the most pressing, and AIDS is dealt with in conjunction with the filtration of water and the plantation of trees in the Red Cross program that started in March 1989. The extreme poverty is attributable both to AIDS and to the war with Uganda, in addition to economic difficulties caused by the free fall of the price of coffee, the principal cash crop of the region, and the fact that banana trees contracted a disease. It is a higher priority for most men to obtain food than a box of condoms, especially since the disease is hard to comprehend until symptoms appear. However, they do not distribute condoms, but only inform young people where to get them, partly because of the opposition of religious organizations to this preventive measure. The other solution is to have only 1 sexual partner, but a good number in their audience are Muslim who have several wives. Many other nongovernmental organizations mobilize in Tanzania with actions against this epidemic. Some people change their behavior, other never do, and the hope lies in making young people aware of this disease.
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