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    Family planning and sex education of young people: report on a WHO meeting, Copenhagen, 1-5 November 1982.

    World Health Organization [WHO]. Regional Office for Europe

    Copenhagen, Denmark, World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, 1984. 42 p. (EURO Reports and Studies 89.)

    A 1982 Working Group on Family Planning and Sex Education of Young People was convened by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Copenhagen. The disciplines represented included education, sociology, psychology, pediatrics, demography, obstetrics and gynecology, family planning, and psychosexual medicine. The purpose of the Working Group were: 1) to review the present situation in the Region, and to discuss obstacles to and develop strategies for the further development of family planning and sex education for young people; 2) to discuss the special merits and shortcomings of various approaches; and 3) to identify human and organizational resources for follow-up and to issue recommendations on the provision of family planning and sex education for young people. Since it is in the interest of every society that its members are secure, have self-respect, and take a responsible attitude to their sexual life, it is in the interest of every society to prepare its members for future sexual activity. Recommendations given correspond to: 1) guidelines for educational programs, 2) content of educational programs, 3) educational staff and their training, 4) guidelines for the provision of family planning services for young people, 5) organization and setting of family planning services for young people, and 6) staff and their training. General recommendations are: 1) there should be coordination at the national and local levels between departments of health and education and other concerned bodies in the provision of sex education and family planning services, and 2) there should be greater collaboration at the international level between relevant bodies engaged in research on sex education and services for young people.
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