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    Informing social change.

    Alan Guttmacher Institute [AGI]

    New York, Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1980. 44 p.

    The activities, aims and achievements of the Alan Guttmacher Institute are described in this report of its first decade. The AGI was created to foster research and public education so as to effect changes in public policy that would make fertility-related health care accessible to low income women. The Institute utilizes existing research and generates new data to pinpoint the need for subsidized family planning services in the U.S. The growing acceptance of birth control and significant developments in the area over the AGI's history are detailed, including its own activities. The series of AGI-sponsored publications which disseminate the findings of social and scientific research relating to population and family planning are described and the specific purposes of each are differentiated. Efforts of the AGI to promote equal access to abortion for all women, to keep the field informed so as to mobilize public and congressional efforts on behalf of abortion rights, and to provide reliable information on abortion are discussed. Educational activities concerning the extent and seriousness of the problems of teenage pregnancy are another AGI priority, as is the focussing of attention on limitations of current methods of contraception and the need for increased government support of reproductive research. Future goals of the AGI which build upon past accomplishments and respond to new challenges are detailed.
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