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    Islamic Africa endorses family planning.

    Hamand J

    PEOPLE. 1980; 7(1):26-7.

    Participants from 10 West African countries with significant Muslim populations supported family planning at a conference sponsored by IPPF. Cameroon, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Upper Volta were represented. Family planning services exist in all the countries except for Cameroon, Guinea, and Upper Volta, although mostly on a limited scale without official backing. The Koran enjoins breast-feeding and abstinence from sexual intercourse for 2 years after a childbirth. Delegates were urged to accept that modern family planning is simply another method of attaining the traditional goal of a well-fed, well-housed family. Islam is a dynamic religion which should support all organizations which promote the improvement of living conditions. The delegation from Guinea argued that family planning is a form of neocolonialist population control. The value of birth-spacing was allowed in special cases. Most delegates were not sympathetic and were more interested in the practical aspects of family planning programs, implementation and results. The aim of family planning is not population reduction but controlled population growth. The recommendation to include family life education in school curricula was made after much soul searching discussion, and moves were made to restrict availability of information to married couples.
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