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    The ILO-- legislation and working women.

    Korchounova E

    In: Jelliffe DB, Jelliffe EF, Sai FT, et al., ed. Lactation, fertility and the working woman. London, International Planned Parenthood Federation, 1979. 39-44.

    Conventions drafted by the ILO to be submitted to governments of member states concerning maternity protection (maternity leave, health care, the right to resume employment) and provisions for working women to nurse their infants (facilities, paid breaks) are discussed. The number of states ratifying the conventions is reported, and various degrees and sources of protection and provision are described. Arrangements for maternity protection and nursing range from full coverage at community expense (social security), to special agreements made individually with employers, to very little support of any kind. The author deems matters concerning maternity protection and breastfeeding to be important for society as a whole as well as for working mothers and their children.
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