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    [Regulation of implantation as a contraceptive method] La regulacion de la implantacion como metodo anticonceptivo.

    Hicks-Gomez JJ

    Gaceta Medica de Mexico. 1980 Jul; 116(7):318-28.

    Implantation of a fertilized ovum requires physiological and structural modifications in the endometrial tissue. Several mechanisms are currently being studied to modify or inhibit the implantation process: 1) a decrease in the secretion of luteinizing hormone; 2) action on endometrial progesterone receptors; 3) changes in prostaglandin secretion; 4) modifications of the surface of the ovum by utilizing antibodies against the pellucid zone; and 5) modification of the endometrial surface so to hinder the adhesion process. Most studies in this field are sponsored by the WHO, and they are all still at an experimental stage.
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