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    The United Nations at the service of Africa.

    Djermakoye IS

    In: Organisation of African Unity, International Institute for Labour Studies. What kind of Africa by the year 2000? Addis, Adaba, Ethiopia, Organisation of African Unity, 1980. 113-23.

    The UN Department of Technical Cooperation for Development is at the disposal of African countries to elaborate and implement jointly in integrated programs of technical cooperation in several sectors. In the area of mineral resources the department has helped governments in the development of the infrastructures needed to exploit natural resources and to expand their exploitation, including undertaking geological studies, laboratory technique training, training development, drafting legislation, and preparation of contracts. The department has also taken part in several studies dealing with energy, including those about oil production and dams, to make a general assessment of all the available sites if the countries so desire. In the Sahel subregion a study was undertaken to look for ways of reinforcing the planning and programming capacity of the states for better regional economic integration of their economy. In the field of research, science, and technology, major resources have been invested such as in the organization of the exchange of scientific information in research. The department has also developed an assistance program in the field of administration and public finance to help countries increase their administrative and financial management capacity for economic and social development; 1 activity is to follow up and examine changes in public administration and finance trends as well as the study of the role of the public sector in national development. Methods have been developed for analyzing administrative problems and setting up new administrative structures. Priority will be given to: 1) the development of human resources capable of implementing programs, and 2) the reinforcement of the appropriate institutions capable of providing the techniques necessary for the development and diffusion of the sciences dealing with population and demography in African countries.
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